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About Us
Overview ESK Law Firm is one of Iranian leading law firms, with a reputation for standing out – and for being outstanding. It has commenced its activities by providing various

legal services

for domestic and international companies. We provide legal services in areas such as international

trade law



investment law




finance law


energy law


company law

as well as conduct

due diligence

for entities, represent clients for negotiating, and designing and drafting various kinds of

international contracts.

ESK Law Firm's partners, with more than a decade experience in the legal services, provide professional services of substantial value to anyone who is presently managing, or considering development of local and

international business

operations. They offer the sharpest legal minds, the clearest


, And an unshakable sense of what’s possible.

Earned Client Trust

Central to any business is the desire to decrease expense and drive revenue. When dealing with legal matters that involve proprietary business information, trust between the client and our firm is crucial. ESK Law Firm provides creative yet practical client-specific solutions. Professional integrity and fast response to client needs guide our interactions. In short, we work with clients in ways that are both personal and professional – ways that engender mutual trust and pave the way for successful outcomes. Our approach to professional and service excellence is based upon personal standards of absolute integrity, unfailing mutual respect and dedication in all that we do for our clients. Maintaining a diverse team is a core value at

ESK Law Firm

and we draw upon the strengths of knowledgeable and skilled individuals who represent a variety of viewpoints,


, and background. Our longstanding tradition of close attorney



relationships ensures that each of our clients receives prompt, individual attention. Our team approach is at the heart of our practice -- all of our lawyers and consultants are readily available to our clients and to each other. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with cost-effective and thorough counsel focused on our clients' overall goals.
What Sets Us Apart At

ESK Law Firm

we recognize the importance to our clients of the delivery of timely,


and relevant advice. At ESK Law Firm, we recognize one straightforward fact - our clients care less about our internal workings and more about the degree to which we understand their business, their industry, and the trends and challenges that can affect their ability to minimize risk and

maximize success


Expansive Legal Experience


Flexible Approach

ESK Law Firm is organized into more than five dozen practice areas, so that clients have easy access to attorney skills and knowledge specific to a particular business and industry. Yet many businesses face

legal issues

that require cross-border experience. We have the resources to build teams of attorneys from different practice areas and locations who can work together seamlessly to solve the most complex legal challenges.